Thursday, April 11, 2013

Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro - 250 Ohm

Well, I had the DT770 for quite some time, decided it's a keeper, until now~ here is a review on it.
DT770 PRO 250OHM with coiled cables

The comfort on the headphone is very comfortable, due to the velour pads they use. It's soft and will not make your ear sides sweat crazily like leather pads.

The weight of the cans themselves ain't too heavy, it is quite comfortably light. The thing that is heavy is the coiled cable, it really drags the weight down quite a lot. Neck sore may occur over long hours if you take it on the go, cause of the drag down.

Packaging is very straight forward. There isn't anything fancy, or any casing / accessories  excerpt the screw on 3.5 to 6.5mm converter.

Sound quality
The DT770 is paired to my O2 and using CEntrance DACPort LX, going through ifi USB PSU that I had for a review.

Treble: Treble is relatively sharp in this case. The "s" in songs get annoyingly pitched up. I can't determine if it is the amp or the can, but the treble is quite overwhelmed.

Mid: The mid range of the DT770 is still quite acceptable. Vocals are present but can be interrupted by the "S" sound I mentioned before.

Bass: Some call the DT770 bassy, well, on my setup, it doesn't appear to have that amount of bass. They are there, just not the blasted bass type. It's more like "knocks on the door". Short and instant.

Soundstage: This is the part where I liked the DT770 to a certain extent. The soundstage is relatively wide, and distance can project up to a slight far distance. Makes relaxing songs quite an enjoyment, so are classical and orchestral.

Isolation: If you are a person who likes personal time with the headphone, without interrupting others, this can can do a fine job. Almost all sounds do not get leaked out of the can, and that's a plus for me. Of course for a closed can, we have to sacrifice soundstage to an extent.


If you are looking for a Beyer mid range can to begin with, this is a fine option to go with. Just make sure that you have an amp that synergies well with it, cause mine spiked the treble like mad. Finally, as always, test everything, leave nothing behind.

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  1. Very well put on this review. Job well done