Thursday, April 18, 2013

Unique Melody Miracle

UM Miracle with BTG Audio cable

Logo option = UM / Unique Melody

Serial number on top, and AT = Alan Tan

The UM Miracle is the one and only CIEM that I have, and was luckily obtained at a very much lower price promo time. It was during the Global Promo by UM, and there was only two person in Malaysia who obtained that chance, me and another anonymous.

About CIEM / Custom IEM

They are one of a kind IEM that caters to each person's unique ear layout. You have to find an audiologist to make an impression before delivering it with your order. CIEM ear fit is very nice, and with isolation that can really kill external sound, so you get a real personal experience.

Unique Melody Miracle

The Miracle is / was the flagship of the Unique Melody line up, It consists if 6 drivers, 2 Highs 2 Mids and 2 Trebles, with 3 Crossovers.


This is quite subjective, and some may need to get a couple times of refit before it is perfect. Luckily mine got done in the first go. Well isolated that someone screaming beside me and I'm not aware.Wearing a CIEM is a different feeling, as you can have it on for long hours with no fatigues, cause of the fitting that is supposed to be exact to your ears.


Well, what can i say? This is the one of the most entertaining piece among my past inventory, and I had eQ7 from Ortofon before, and wasn't even close to what this can give me.


Bass is deep and exact, it gives the thump when demanded for, and can do short bursts of bass when it comes. It might be the 2 bass drivers working individually, so they can do the stack bass of technos. Oh yeah, it does give that rumbling bass some people crave for, and does it real beautifully.


Mids are very clear cut, and vocals are quite forward. They do not get muffled off by any other instrumentations and even with heavy bass, the vocals are still put up to scale.Separations between background vocals and main can be separately distinguishable, depending on the level of mastering of the song.


The highs are crystal clear, and does not give the pierce that a lot of IEM will produce. It gives that "just enough to hear" level of treble and highs, making it relatively balanced and evenly distributed. Nothing extra and that's a good thing.


The soundstage here is one of the widest of I have heard before. That hall feeling does appear when i play the live song records I do have. Echoes can travel far to the rear, and projections can give the realism. Goosebumps OMG~


By default you will get a stock cable that comes along in a nicely packed box with your ID card inside. What i thought of the cable is that it is quite a undesirable piece. It tangles easy and the twisted cable can get loose after some time. Hence I went off to find another cable until I got the BTG Audio cable. Now this cable gives a stiff and tangle free experience, and durability surpasses what stock cables can offer. Hence my advice here, get an aftermarket cable from the cable maker that you trust will not bullshit you into the gimmicks that are of "cable myths". I myself trust BTG Audio as they state that they do not believe in the "cable changes sound" talk that people crave to hear about, cause of the enormous price tag.

Here is a little snippet from Bryan himself on his site, stating his stand point:
and here is some cable facts, "food for thought":

Final thoughts

With the right cable, you will get yourself one hell of a CIEM that can compete top tiers in the industry, Westone, UE, JHAudio etc. Some distributors/ resellers do hold the universal fit of the CIEM, so dig them out and give it a try, I',m sure if you are a first time to the CIEM, you will like it. Seasoned players tastes may vary. Lastly, as always, test everything, leave nothing behind.

Side note: UM recently has very bad customer service, have been contacting them regarding the promo cable that i was eligible for, and they have ignored all my contacts. If you are still up for it with the bad customer support, by all means, get the unit, but don't expect any after sales support.

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