Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Beyerdynamic XP1- Bass and whole lots of it

I'm here today to review an item that is only available in the APAC region, which is the Beyerdynamic XP line up, and first of all is the XP1.
Beyerdynamic XP1 silver
There are 2 cosmetic variations to the Beyerdynamic XP series. One is in black and one is in silver like the top. The black one will look like this
Beyerdynamic Black
Lets walk through all the essential points that users usually concern on.


What you need what you get
The package is quite a basic essential and not much fanciness to it. You get 4 pairs of single flange and 1 double flanges. The bag has quite a long thread to it. Airport jack for in-flight music. That's it.


The Beyerdynamic XP1 has one of the biggest amount of bass among XP1 to XP3. The bass is not overly bloated though, and i would think it suits bass emphasis songs.Bass aside, the treble seems recessed and not very appearing. Treble could be said to be overtook by the amount of bass that is in the IEM.


Since you get quite a number of tips, you might be able to get one that fits you almost nicely, and once it does, you can go on listening for like.. forever? The cable is the annoying part of the XP series, micro phonics are quite heavy and will interrupt your experience on-the-go.Luckily there is a divider among the cable that is movable, so move it up near the chin and you are all set to go uninterrupted.

Cable jack is right angled so it might be non-favourite to some. For me, it is quite a good choice, as it avoids the cable from being damaged by unintentional pulls. 


There you have it folks! The xp1 from the view of the plain essentials. Like bass? then get this, it's a good choice at a low price. Consult your nearest Beyerdynamic reseller for more info, and remember as always, test everything, leave nothing behind.

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