Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Beyerdynamic XP3 - neutrality

The Beyerdynamic XP3 is part of the line up of Beyerdynamic XP series that I have reviewed in the previous  session. The variations, according to majority of XP owners are like this:

XP1: heavy bass
XP2: neutral
XP3: crystality

Since i do not have an XP2, so i cant decipher the term neutral from this part, but the XP3 sure gives quite a crystal sound to an extent, and will be discussed shortly.


Well, all the XP series variation looks exactly the same, so it can be hard to differ from the first look. The only markings are on the IEM itself, it will have an engraving of XP1, XP2 or XP3.
Engraving to differ


All XP series pack the same number of items, so I will skip this part. Interested then read on the XP1.


For me, the XP3 has quite a clear extension on the treble, with a reduced bass which in my opinion is "just enough". Mid is also still recessed and positioned quite backwards. Music can sometimes muffle the vocals quite a bit, depending on the "loudness" of the BGM.


I myself would recommend XP3 for general listeners, and not for the bass heavy listeners, but thats just me, so what's your choice among the three?

That's all from today, and as always, test everything, leave nothing behind.

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