Friday, April 5, 2013

Let's talk theory for a sec

So, many people have been thinking, does an item priced more expensive = better item. Take for an instance, in headphones, get a T1, uber expensive, so yeah it sounds good to all, cause it is expensive. Is this actually the way of people's first perspective? Yeah, for a beginner's mind set that is.

Now when we venture longer down the road, things start to get clearer that sometimes expensive =/= definitely good stuff. There are reasons behind some ( i cant say all, cause not everything is always priced right, but some does) things that price are often higher, but the quality may be just on par.

Since there is no definite perimeter that defines what is actually price: performance equal, so we tend to use price as reference to the performance, but I tend to believe in different things sometimes.

My method:
First thing to do is get review site as references, whole lots of it. Search engines are all over the place, and are always in forums to ease you finding what you need. Couple sites I use are:

Learn that you take the ideas given as a reference, search for the description that matches what you think of of your item that is in possession. Now that you have pin pointed that person and their line of description, search around if he has the item that you will want and has reviewed it. They can be closer to what you want, as he might have the same / closer preference to yours.

The next thing to do is bargain hunting, unless you have cash loads, which we tend not to have anyways. Search around your local forum, look for used items, they will cost lesser and most will have some adequate item condition. Negotiate pricing with them, pull the price to what you be able to fork out. So, with bargain hunting, you can save on the cash, and get what you want. Now isn't that wonderful.

Odd occasions, look out for bundles! In the near seasons festive etc, you will bump into several promotions, and joyful bundles. Now these are what some might be waiting for, cause your item may part of it, and you get more pay less. Yeah, babay! Cash in for the bonus!

Now that you have what you need, and nailed the price, learn to enjoy it. Don't let anyone local or internet judge what you have, don't let it get into your head. There is nothing "reference" level in this world, only "what we think is reference level". Go enjoy yourself! Till the next time, we discuss on different matters, or maybe start on a review of what i have myself.

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