Friday, April 5, 2013

Pre-initiation introduction

Self introduction

    The name noobandroid could be quite a familiar one, when it comes to the local forum community, especially in the audiophile section. People have been throwing in requests for suggestions in different rigs and equipments in the head-fi section (headphones, IEM, DAC, amp), and i have responded to ALL of them, no misses till now. Well, here is a little profile link to start with:

    Background story telling

   Well i started off with everything that i have with a low cost of RM100 each. Firstly, i did almost 2 months of pure reading, understanding every perspective on each components and their role in ensuring good audio experience.

     Next comes the expenses to learn. I realized that reading people's review is like a sensationalized story, they can deem something as godly as it can be, but some other say it's hell on earth. Well, what can i say, each man for himself, either you take it or you don't. So i have to find out myself.
     I started buying a whole lot of items, starting with the purchasing from Jaben Malaysia. Yes, they are a good place to start off. Got my 1st pair of headphone, which is an RM80 Superlux HD668B. That is when i realize that porta-fi can get somewhat a serious personal listening experience.

     Moving forward till today, year of 2013, i got myself a 24/96 DACPort LX from Centrance, then an O2 amp, custom cables, and 3 headphones, ranging from low impedance 32 ohm Custom One Pro to the 250 Ohm DT770 Pro.

     Thought that will be where i will be staying, headphone section, but then, i realize, it cant be called porta-fi without something portable to play with. So i tried some IEM, and throughout the journey, finally got an Custom IEM from Unique Melody called the Miracle (6 Balance Armature custom IEM). 

What to expect from me?

     I cant say i am the most experienced level enthusiasts out there, or the newest in one, i prefer to stand in the middle, somewhat new somewhat experienced. Following weeks, i will try my best to compile reviews on what i have now, and what will be coming soon. Please stay tuned, whether you are the best or the newest, i don't give a damm, we are here to share and discuss. I welcome discussions, flame or bash, godly praise or a "You Suck in reviews!!" type. Bring it on!!

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