Saturday, July 27, 2013

GoVibe Minibox Review

The GoVibe minibox is a plain simple amp without any special features, heck it doesnt even have a volume control. So this review will be short as hell.


Simple use of numbering to tell you everything
  1. Power inlet is beside source input, on the left
  2. audio out on the right, with 2 LED: blue for power display, red for charge
  3. back is shirt clip
That's all bout the layout

Cable that comes along is one right angle 3.5mm to straight 3.5mm jack. Charger is usb to DC inlet


Since it's a passive amp, so I am expecting it to not draw it's own characteristics to sound, but merely amplifying what you give them. So, this is a confusing part, does it have it's own colouring or just a impedance lift up? I have no idea

Final word

Cant say much about it, but for people who thinks they need more power, say for 250 ohm headphone maybe, can sure try this unit. It's not expensive at all, really. Maybe a pack of cigarette  or 2.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Colorfly C3

Special thanks to Mr Su for the unit of C3 that he sent over some time ago. Behold is the 1 of the 3 products that Colorfly make, which is the C3, besides the C4 and a powerbank. From their home site, that's all there is.
has MicroSD slot


The surface of the player is a piece of touch screen glass, and is very prone to scratches and will be visible in front view.

The navigation of the c3 is quite easy to learn, everything is labelled to do what it is supposed to. One problem I find is that the navigation response is slow. It only responds to a press at one time, blinks a second, then only you can navigate your second action. Weirdly, when I put it into a formal wear trousers, it responds crazily and cranks up or drops down the volume a lot. Might be the static in the trousers :/

The home button is the button which is also the button to shut down the player. Somehow I always mess up this part as sometimes that one single button does not respond to my presses. The buttons are actually 2 instead on a single button, but they are so close together that the control couldnt pick up the action.


The layout on the C3 is somehow what I feel a bit odd, but that's just me, don't know what you think bout the navigation button layout. 3.5mm audio out at the bottom, with the microSD in the middle and USB on the right, now why cram everything at the bottom? It doesn't seem to have a reasonable answer to this.

Who gave the idea of putting everything at the bottom should be fired.



The treble is relatively mild on the C3. No irritations due to spiking trebles or disappointment due to lack of it.


The vocals on C3 is quite a bit laid back. They seem to mix together with the background vocals and all are evenly distributed.


Bass on the C3 is a bit on the weak side. It doesnt give the impact and speed, but does have a bit of mass to it. Nothing ear massaging and yet I cant call it "quality" bass either.


For the C3, I somehow will stand in the middle and not going to recommend it, and not going to call it "not recommended". Just be sure to try out the piece to the max before deciding. There are much better players at lower price out there, so A-B them to determine your choice.

Hippo CriCri+ Review

The hippo cricri+ is a 24bit 96khz capable DAC+ Amp, with an internal battery to run on, has line in audio, and that makes it one hell of a complete package. The question is, is it good in sound? FYI it packs a TI USB DAC, so should be a not bad one.


At first glance, the unit looks real solid, with a brushed metal type look  on it. The power button is by a click away. Volume button is easily controlled, and can maneuver precisely.


The unit actually is quite light, and can be pocketed without you actually caring about the weight.


3.5mm interconnect

USB cable for PC use or charging


Basically I will be reviewing it as a DAC+ AMP, since it will be more optimal.


The treble in the cricri+ is quite clean and not sharply spiked. Just a decent quality treble i must say.


The vocals is quite "in the middle". Not very strongly forward but yet cant be called laid back. Background vocals are quite muffled bits though, but still can be heard.


Bass on the cricri+ is quite strong I must say, and packs some punches, BUT it will not satisfy basshead's craving for an ear massage. 


Somehow, I really like the amount of width that the cricri+ is able to project. It has a certain extent of airiness, though still not the best of all. 


I would really recommend this unit for people who seeks these in one pack: 1. portable amp 2. home headamp but dislikes bulkiness 3. has an easy drive IEM or headphone. If you fulfil the 3 terms, this is for you.