Friday, July 26, 2013

Hippo CriCri+ Review

The hippo cricri+ is a 24bit 96khz capable DAC+ Amp, with an internal battery to run on, has line in audio, and that makes it one hell of a complete package. The question is, is it good in sound? FYI it packs a TI USB DAC, so should be a not bad one.


At first glance, the unit looks real solid, with a brushed metal type look  on it. The power button is by a click away. Volume button is easily controlled, and can maneuver precisely.


The unit actually is quite light, and can be pocketed without you actually caring about the weight.


3.5mm interconnect

USB cable for PC use or charging


Basically I will be reviewing it as a DAC+ AMP, since it will be more optimal.


The treble in the cricri+ is quite clean and not sharply spiked. Just a decent quality treble i must say.


The vocals is quite "in the middle". Not very strongly forward but yet cant be called laid back. Background vocals are quite muffled bits though, but still can be heard.


Bass on the cricri+ is quite strong I must say, and packs some punches, BUT it will not satisfy basshead's craving for an ear massage. 


Somehow, I really like the amount of width that the cricri+ is able to project. It has a certain extent of airiness, though still not the best of all. 


I would really recommend this unit for people who seeks these in one pack: 1. portable amp 2. home headamp but dislikes bulkiness 3. has an easy drive IEM or headphone. If you fulfil the 3 terms, this is for you.

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