Saturday, July 27, 2013

GoVibe Minibox Review

The GoVibe minibox is a plain simple amp without any special features, heck it doesnt even have a volume control. So this review will be short as hell.


Simple use of numbering to tell you everything
  1. Power inlet is beside source input, on the left
  2. audio out on the right, with 2 LED: blue for power display, red for charge
  3. back is shirt clip
That's all bout the layout

Cable that comes along is one right angle 3.5mm to straight 3.5mm jack. Charger is usb to DC inlet


Since it's a passive amp, so I am expecting it to not draw it's own characteristics to sound, but merely amplifying what you give them. So, this is a confusing part, does it have it's own colouring or just a impedance lift up? I have no idea

Final word

Cant say much about it, but for people who thinks they need more power, say for 250 ohm headphone maybe, can sure try this unit. It's not expensive at all, really. Maybe a pack of cigarette  or 2.

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