Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sennheiser HD202 ii

Today we look at a budget line if headphone from Sennheiser, the HD202 ii. The HD202 sells at $27.90 on Amazon.


This is how the item is packed, in a hard plastic packing that is a pain to open up. It took me some effort to open up the packaging, and I don't know why do they make it so challenging to open it up.

What you get in the package are these only.
Cable length is giganticly long, 10 foot long. Lucky for that cable organizer / clip that you can wrap it, or not you are going to have a bad time. 



The treble on the HD202 is rather spikey and easily clips even on a smooth song. It seems to be overdone, and I myself don't appreciate much on the overload trebles on this can.


The mids on this can is mediocre. Rather forward and sounds unlively / inorganic. Male vocals do not have the depth that it needs. It sounds like a long due fatigue waiting to happen.

Female vocals are still acceptable, but the spikes on the highs and mid highs could spoil the experience. 


Bass is one thing that still can be appreciated out of all these bad things I said. They are accurate but lacks the punch and depth that some songs could use. It only shows the presence of bass and does nothing to it.


There isn't much to critic on the soundstage performance. All I can say is it is just enough to be accepted not as "narrow"


I normally do not critic on the comfort of cans, as most of them are still acceptable up to 2 hours or so, which I feel is sufficient, but the HD202ii, man oh man, the clamp force is like "I'm going to squeeze your head till it explodes." It is really tight and the ears couldn't breath and heats up shortly after 10 minutes or so of listening. Head fatigue and pain would occur, in my case, after 20 minutes or so.


For me, this is my first time giving so much negative comment on a single can, and I am not happy about that. Every can should have their own appreciated way, but I just couldn't accept this HD202. Luckily this is from the older era of Sennheiser, and things have changed dramatically to the better. SO, the last thing I can say, better not get this, get another can, many are better than this

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