Sunday, November 3, 2013

Philips SHP2000

My uncle recently bought a, as he said, "cheap" headphone to use, and it comes out to be Philips SHP2000 headphone. Philips, as I tend to put it, sells headphones at more of a mainstream uses, except for the fidelio series, so, I didn't expect too much out of the headphone itself. For a 40mm driver, I'm going to expect some heavy bass down on it, and I was right.
SHP2000 - $19.99


The packaging is right out of the box, nothing much. Below is shown what you will get.
Headphone + plug= whole package



Treble on the SPH2000 is relatively mild and soft, sometimes feels like a little muffled. Not a lot of specialty and mot much to talk about.


The mids on the SPH is quite mediocre, not too much forwardness, but doesn't seem to be pushed back a lot. Vocal wise is still acceptable, speech or the pronunciations can still be heard quite okay.


BASSHEADS REJOICE! I would call this SPH2000 quite heavy on bass, but the bass is quite entertaining frankly. Not my taste, but I'm sure some people will appreciate the good bass you can get.


I normally do not mention on the comfort of headphones a lot, as they have nothing special. SPH2000's headband is quite uncomfortable on the edges, it sticks and pressures on my head, and feel discomfort almost instantly.
The circled corner is uncomfortable


For $19.99, I can't say this is a bad choice, neither a spectacular one, but I can say this is for budget bassheads. 

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