Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Goldring DR-150

I have had this Goldring DR 150 for some time already, but I was quite reluctant on reviewing it, cause I sensed it was not as desirable initially. I thought I might give it a second chance with my current Magni from Schiit Audio, and perspective changed a bit.


The packaging is simple and has no fancy items inside, just the headphone, cable and adapter for 6.5mm.

Unpacking the DR150 was easy and swift, not much plying needed, not like the last Sennheiser I did.


Unfortunately I sold off the original QED cable with my Custom One Pro, they made a great combo, and was liked by the buyer. Hence, the cable I will be using is made by a local cable maker, and named Vero150, so the whole combo I call it DrVero 150.
Specifications of this cable:

*Vero-150 made with 6N multicore cooper wire.
*Material were carefully selected to enhance the sound of goldring DR150 headphone.
*1.5 meter 6N multicore wire
*Cooper material
*Hand braided in "Quad" configuration
*Carefully hand terminated
*Each cable consist of 4 strain,
*Solder using high quality industrial grade soldering lead
*3.5mm Neutrik plug both end terminated.

Oh, one more thing, the inner cloth mod was done. Search around and you will know what mod I am talking about.



The treble on the DrVero 150 is not very sharp, but still presence. To me, it is quite "in the middle", doing an adequate amount of sharp highs and not pierce your ears till they bleed. It is doing quite a decent job.

Mid / Vocals

The vocals are slightly laid back, and IMO is at the right spot where it should be. The vocal are relatively flat in comparison with other headphones I have. 


This is considered a light bass headphone. The drums hit with a small amount of kick into it, and does not overtake the whole music. You can hear it just about there and I quite like how the bass is.


All I can say is studio quality soundstage. There is a lack of airiness despite it is an open back headphone. Echoes do not transfer into distance and cut off quite soon. This is great for people who listen to studio CD but a no no to Live albums.


I can say just about okay for the price level to this DR150. It does a good job on studio CDs and can easily run off of your mobile. The beauty that makes me keeping this piece is the 3.5mm cable jack on the headphone, which means absolute freedom to mingle around with any 3.5mm interconnects you have lying around. It might (or not) change the sound for the better. Not forgetting the comfortableness and lightweight of DR150 makes it highly portable and suits long amount of listening time. This is one that I can recommend for budget users or mobile listeners.

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