Saturday, March 15, 2014

Alessandro MS1

Thanks to Alan for the loan unit, I am going to review the MS1, not the MS1i as previously mentioned.


The design on the Alessandro and Grado series always has to feel weirdly classic to me. They are still one of the more famous open back headphone line ups known to head-fi. They expose the drivers so much that it can be used as a pair of speakers themself. The MS1 itself is quite light and can be used for long durations without a problem.



The treble on MS1 is quite clean, the high pitches are clearly portrayed, especially on classical orchestras. They do real nice on it. The cymbals are crispy, and not ear deafening piercing at all.


Guitars and vocals do remarkably well on the MS1. Vocals are quite laid back on the MS1 compared to what I remember of MS1i. Guitars strike with authority and makes rock very sensational to listen to.


Bass on MS1 is quite a polite one. Not too much power on it, but has the beats that you can feel the presence to. I like to refer it as a "polished" bass rather than a "quantified" bass.


There isn't quite much soundstage on the MS1. It is still that Grado / Alessandro house sound that is more a studio sound than a stage sound. Separations are quite clear cut, and can be dissected into left right mid back and forward starring.


You know I like to cut the bullshit descriptive illustrations going as thick as a JR novel, so I will just tell you what kinda music will suit the MS1 or in fact any Grado related cans to say. Rules of thumbs when it comes to Grado / Alessandro is Rock music and Metal Music or anything that is similar to it. Now, that's a fact! So, unless you are into these music genre, Grado / Ales is a must have, for other genres, try first before deciding to get it, it's a 50/50 chance you will like it.

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