Saturday, February 1, 2014

Monoprice 8320

The Monoprice I had it for quite a long time, and has been in drawer for that long, until today, i decided to have a go for it, as I totally forgot the reason I got these for RM50. I now remember why and I still am impressed on it. Wonder if there are any newer improvements on it? hmm

First off: A picture, which obviously you can find off the web


Well, I took it when it was first released. It didn't come with any packaging or accessories.  No ratings can be given on this part hence.



Right off the bat, I can hear that there are quality trebles on this "cheap" IEM. For songs that are similar to Flo Rida, they are absolute reasons to be loved.

Mids / Vocals

Vocals are slightly laid back, still can be heard clearly with pronunciations not being muffled or missed out. You can clearly hear whether the diva or male vocalist are separated even though it's a duet.


All I can describe is BOOM! Although not as boomy as the Beats series, they do have that big ass driver on each side to excel the bass pumps. No bloats and are accurate as a sniper on scope.


For a RM50 IEM, there are still some narrow soundstage that quite depends on what music you have to open it up. It doesn't give the extension as any IEM above the price will give, but hey, $7 man, that's all I can say


One thing that some might be annoyed with is the cable. They tend to tangle easy although nylon sleeved. Pocket unfriendly so to say. The cables are light and feels like it is going to snap anytime.

Overall conclusion

For RM50, or like in the terms $7.xx, if you do not get it when you have only that much money, I am going to find you and I will personally shove my 8320 in your ears( JKJK)! This is definitely a budget king and is recommended based on that fact.

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