Wednesday, June 12, 2013

thinksound MS01

The thinksound MS01 is an IEM brand that I have not heard before till recently. Mr Su from was gladly open up, and sent me his pair of MS01 for testing. No packaging was attached along so no review on that section.


The overall build of ThinkSound MS01 is quite cosmetically attractive. With part of the IEM wooden covered, it gives a very nice touch to aesthetics. Cable is quite thin, but it will still not be broken as simply. The Y splitter ensures that the cables do not split all the way to the socket.



The treble on the MS01 is quite sharp, but not until the clipping limit. It just shows the crispiness of the music, with the "s" sound hissing around in the music.

Mids / Vocals

The vocals are quite in the middle, not very forward yet not a laid back type. It is can only be said as "you can hear it clearly". It feels like a mixture into the whole music, and not the very appearing.

The mids especially piano type music is quite impressive to speak. Background vocal separation is also very clear cut. 


Bass in the MS01 has an extend of power, and accuracy, but not too bloated out or heavy that causes noxious feelings. 

Thought on MS01

The MS01 is quite a nice piece of IEM, with clear accurate bass, mid centric vocals. The only thing i wished for a slight tone down would be the trebles. After that, this IEM will be very ready to be mainstream. Lastly, as always,  test everything, leave nothing behind.


  1. is it a burned in version? On my unit I the highs are perfect. 2k hours burned in, anything less than 300 hours will have that harsh highs

  2. it is a used unit from MrSu, so yes, burnt in, it might be the amp factor, the o2 amp