Thursday, May 30, 2013

HiFiMan RE-400

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HiFiMan has been one of the most reputable "underdog" in the audiophile industry. Most of us will go o.0 when you hear HiFiMan, and the word China. Yeah, China brand. Neverr underestimate HiFiMan though, they make very little but real serious equipment that are meant to fly high and not break the bank. One of them is the RE-400 IEM, code name "Waterline".


The RE-400 is one of the IEM which is quite small in size, and fits almost fully inside your ears, snuggling comfortably. You can literally take it on a day without any misfits or fatigues.

 The IEM uses a 45 angle jack, which some may appreciate, some not so.


What you see in the image below is what you will get inside.

4 sets of tips, 1 single flange, 3 double flanges, cable holder, 10 filters, a carrying case


The RE-400 has a relatively relaxing type of sound signature. Overall I can say it fits multiple genre, and excel in most of them.


Treble in RE-400 does not give that ear piercing high, instead it keeps it there and with just sufficient amount to mix with the whole genre. Drums can be clearly heard, and not miss any details on guitars or percussions.

Mid / Vocals

Vocals are quite forward and placed quite evenly among the musical instruments. It doesnt give the Grado feel of mid, but yet is not the Beyerdynamic laid back. It's somewhere in between.


Bass on RE-400 is one of the thing that I am most impressed with. Not much mass on the bass, but they can give a short and darn accurate bass hits that I could get some slight goosebumps. Note: not for bassheads.


Well, what can I say, for USD99.00, this is one hell of a bargain not to be missed. Everyone ranging from new and learning audiophiles to old-timers, recommended to get this bastard right away. This is one low cost high grade IEM that should be in every one's pockets.My usual motto will keep going : " test everything, leave nothing behind."

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