Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Shure SE535 reviewed

Well, this unit i got is a relatively used one, so it has some flaws in the cosmetic looks, but still works fine and is eligible for a review.Instead of using this IEM image, I suggest you google around for the looks of the IEM.

SE535 specifications:
Driver: Triple Balanced Armature


As all other universal fit IEM, the design is rather similar, the unit I got is a clear colour variation. Wearing it was very simple and hassle free. You folks might want to take note on the small nozzle when picking a tip for it. It is much smaller than the other normal tip nozzle you might have. 


Since I got the clear cable along with the IEM(which I am not sure if it is the stock cable), I will comment a two on this cable and the flaws. One thing I observed is the greening of the cable from the inside, and will ruin the cosmetic beauty of the cable, but still is quite functional.

SE535, as with other Shure SE IEMs, use their in-house socket, sort of a round clip, which makes the search for after-market cable be challenging.
Notice the socket SE uses



Bass on the SE535 was short and accurate. I really quite liked how they portray the amount of bass mix with the music. It doesn't go over board and doesn't cause fatigue from over power.


The mids and vocals on SE535 is quite pronounced and very appearing. I would also call it a forward mid IEM. Something that bothers me is the occasional over power of the background vocals, making the main vocal getting pushed behind. YMMV.


SE535 has one of the trebles that I find is quite appealing. It doesn't get over sharp or crisped. This will definitely suit long hours of music listening comfortably. You still can hear all the details but they don't get very annoying after long hours listening.


The soundstage is quite wide, leaving echo trails quite long, and I could feel the airiness in the music. Totally loving the relax and wide soundstage.


Besides the depreciation from the cable, I seriously think this is one juicy piece of IEM really worth considering, with that subtle amount of bass, appearing vocals and clean treble, wide soundstage, I do not see anything wrong with this IEM except addiction problems :P This IEM gets my first IEM stamp of approval. As always, test everything, leave nothing behind.

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