Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sennheiser Amperior

Quite some time ago, a fellow acquaintance sent me the Amperior, but my Magni and Modi wasn't reaching me anytime soon, so I had to wait for the M&M to arrive before i start the review on the unit.


The amperior on first look is a very versatile and mobile headphone. It is an on-ear instead of over ear. Design wise some may suggest it odd looking, and I agree to a certain extent.

The first thing that I couldn't understand is the extending socket cable for the Amperior. Secondly would be the cable near the top of the driver cans, why did they do it like that, it's not like mainstream users are able to replace the drivers and the cable connecting both sockets.



The treble on Amperior seems a bit lacking in comparison to the Q701, but they are in totally different league, I would think the Amperior will have suffice treble to be powered by DAPs out there. 


The vocal is very forward, in comparison (yet again) with Q701. They really excel with rock music genre, and something like Linkin Park's Hunting Party really makes the Amperior feel like a badass! Forward sounding music, yeah, great!


Bass is quite light on the Amperior, it doesn't go down to sub bass, and will rattle a bit when trying to do so. Typical music will have suffice bass translated, but lacks the downright power of sub bass. 


The soundstage of Amperior isn't exactly wide to be said, maybe cause I'm used to Q701 that the Amperior feels lacking in this section. It is quite confined although not restrained. 


IMO, this Amperior will serve really well as a mobility option, but not suffice to be a home relaxing audio headphone option, since the leather on the cups will cause sweat around , and the audio quality puts it in second class, next to other on ears, but better marginally.

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