Thursday, June 27, 2013

Burson Audio Soloist + LCD-3 review

Burson Audio Soloist SL

The Soloist SL is one amp that I am quite impressed with. 

Design + build

Burson Audio Soloist SL

Well I can say that I am totally loving the whole aluminium casing idea and it looks really really classy. All the socket connection secures tightly despite frequent plug unplugging. 

One thing that bothers me though is the only rca input, which I did not have the cable for, and had to go out and find one 3.5mm to RCA. Although so, the 2 inputs are quite appreciated so that users can switch between inputs. Great for AB-ing too.

Audeze LCD-3

This headphone is one heavy one i must say, and overall the build is real classy looking, with the comfort of leather that I find wearing a whole day without breaking a sweat. With the package comes along these accessories:

  • Ruggedized travel case
  • 4-pin to 2x3-pin XLR adapter (for balanced cables)
  • Leather care kit
  • 4-pin to 6.5mm adapter


I always love to simplify sound description and not over boast it. In here, I will just directly make judgement and not split them up into 2 sections, since this review is about the synergy of this both.


The pairing really brought out major detailing that I have yet to hear from what I had, which made me really impressed. All the clear audio really got me going on and on boasting how good the sound is to my surrounding fellow mates.

Vocal / Mids

The mids are quite forward in this pairing, and I can really feel it quite close to me, so I dont miss a single word out of the singer's lyrics. Background vocals are well separated with the main singer, and doesn't get overly mashed up, which also depends on the mastering of the audio.


The amount of bass in this pair is short and full of power, but not boasting the ear shattering amount. They do little to the bass and is quite focused on the quality of audio and not letting the bass getting all over the music. 


The soundstage is also one of the point that really got me going on boasting. It is really wide, and is one of the best I have heard so far. Nothing came even close to what this pair had to offer. Having listening to some live concert masterings and instrumental ones, I am quite sure this pair will do remarkable experience to classic lovers.


Well, all thanks to the sponsor, Burson Audio, I had one hell of an experience, and will definitely get this setup once I hit a jackpot. Now the next person in line, get your ears all ready for hell of an experience, mate! And lastly, as always ,  test everything, leave nothing behind.